Beat the box

Het betere alternatief voor een escape room met grotere groepen

Beat the Box

It all begins with a mysterious video message in which a chilling voice challenges the participants to a game. The different teams have only a pre-determined amount of time to crack a special code, which stops the countdown. To win the game, the code must be entered in to an electronic combination lock before the timer reaches zero.

The only useful tools in the room are each team’s locked aluminium box. The first step is to open the boxes. In the boxes, the teams discover 4 intriguing cases, themselves each protected by strong combination locks, which contain codes and mysteries that have to be unravelled for the teams to progress.

In the final case the participants can find letters. If all of the letters are put in the right order, a predefined slogan appears and the code can be discovered, stopping the countdown and finishing the game. The pressure is intense and at times teams will doubt that they can be successful, but just as in life, sport and business, a cool head, logical approach and a belief in your own abilities will ensure success in all but the most hopeless of situations. This team building challenge is not easy, but this only serves to make success sweeter and more valuable.

Learning and development outcomes

One of the most important things during the whole team building game is that the participants use and combine their different skills and develop creative solutions. The part which makes “Beat the Box” even more interesting is, that in the end all teams have to cooperate as they have to put all clues together to get the right abort code. Teamwork and a collaborative mind-set is everything here.