Professional sandsculpting with Intecsea in Zwolle
12 september 2017 
1 min. leestijd

Professional sandsculpting with Intecsea in Zwolle

Success through insight”, reads the slogan of Intecsea. After our sand sculpting workshop with the company we can say it with utmost certainty: damn right! 🙂

On a cloudy Sunday we gathered in Zwolle to throw the employees of Intecsea a creative workshop, where they were challenged to think in 3D and to get their hands dirty during our sand sculpting workshop. After building a strong foundation through effective team work, the groups moved on to the design phase and the actual sculpting. Here their task was to work to the details, from large to small.

All sculptures told a different story about how the groups performed and how the managed this challenge. It was a pleasure to see. Super well done by all of our participants! Thank you all for your energy, we enjoyed it greatly!


Location: Zwolle

Date: 10 September 2017

Activity: Sandsculpting Workshop

Company: Intecsea

Participants: 82

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