GPS City Tour - 'Trust nobody' with Shell in The Hague & Delft
16 juni 2016 
2 min. leestijd

GPS City Tour - 'Trust nobody' with Shell in The Hague & Delft

What a great day! Thanks to the great enthusiasm of Shell’s employees we were able to experience a fun and adventurous city tour from The Hague to Delft.

During challenging assignments and puzzles team members had the chance to demonstrate their creativity and out of the box thinking. In the meanwhile our sharp saboteurs/ moles worked on undermining the score of their teams… sucessfully as it turned out! We saw an amazing performance from three teams, where no member had a clue who the moles were! WOW…just wow! Well done Shell!

We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did! We hope to see you soon again! Cheers!


introductie gps tocht

Oplossen tangram gps tocht opdracht

groepsfoto team 3 gps tocht

Tangram oplossen gps tocht

groepsfoto gps tocht

groepsfoto gps tocht

oplossen tangram



Locatie: Den Haag, Delft

Datum: 16 juni 2016

Programma: GPS Tocht

Gezelschap: Shell Tax Division

Aantal personen: 36

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