A memorable family day with kitebuggying in Velsen-Noord
22 augustus 2016 
1 min. leestijd

A memorable family day with kitebuggying in Velsen-Noord

On Saturday we gathered for fun activity with the Antonis to celebrate their beautiful family. Despite the strong wind and the busy circumstances we suceeded in having plenty of fun and laughter on this amazing beach. Thanks to our energetic and young group our team managed to let everybody get a feel for kitebuggying! :) Our group did a wonderful job in steering the kites, while watching out for their surroundings.

What we appreciated the most was their fun and easy going attitude! Thank you for this great afternoon, it was our pleasure to watch you having fun with your loving family!
Thumbs up for you guys, you were the best!  Hope to see you soon! :) Cheers!


Locatie: Velsen-Noord

Datum: 20 augustus 2016

Programma: Kitebuggying

Gezelschap: Familie Antoni

Aantal personen: 22

Family Antoni

Family Antoni

op 25 Aug 2016

We really liked the activities with you! A nice gentle couple who gave us the right instructions. Especially the relaxed way of telling us how to do things, was what we liked a lot. Thanks for a very good time with you from us all!

Reka Gugan

Reka Gugan

op 26 Aug 2016

Thanks for the comment :) We are more than happy to hear you've enjoyed the afternoon with us. It is always a pleasure with an easy-going group such as you guys have been! Big big shout-out to all of you!

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