Bamboo Workshop with Deloitte in Zandvoort
01 september 2017 
2 min. leestijd

Bamboo Workshop with Deloitte in Zandvoort

One for all, all for one!

On the 31st August we had the chance to give the newcomers of Deloitte a little challenge so they could practice their creativity. We gathered on the sunny beach of Zandvoort at the beach of Restaurant Meijer aan Zee. In order to give the workshop an even sportier kick we took the activity to the volleyball field, where the net was introduced as a natural obstacle the teams had to overcome with their constructions.

According to the personality tests our participants were split into two groups, where similar personalities worked together. The group of pioneers experimented with unknown shapes and forms and managed to create the highest arch. The group of the effective thinkers went for result and worked with the safe and proven technique, building pyramids. Both arches were gorgeous and the team work was a pleasure to witness.

Thank you for your energy and participation! We hope you enjoyed this lovely evening and the dinner together. We wish you a great, fun, eventful start at Deloitte! Cheers! 🙂

Teambuilding opdracht bamboe bouwen op het strand van zandvoort

Samenwerken is cruciaal bij bamboe bouwen op het strand

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Location: Restaurant Meijer aan Zee, Zandvoort

Date: 31 August 2017

Activity: Bamboe Workshop

Company: Deloitte

Participants: 10

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