Ice sculpting Workshop with KEEN in Rotterdam
07 december 2017 
2 min. leestijd

Ice sculpting Workshop with KEEN in Rotterdam

Epic time with the colleagues of KEEN Europe in Rotterdam!

Ice sculpting it is

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At 2 pm we started our seasonal all-star workshop ice sculpting. Our happy participants were split in six group and started to work out their previously prepared designs from….-drumroll- …..ICE! Each group made two or three stunning sculptures in just a good hour! Super effective, super fun, super enthusiastic group. You guys rock! 🙂 After everybody rounded up their sculptures we all wen’t outside for the final moments of truth and to have a look at each group’s creations.

All teams have made us smile, here are some things that stuck with us:

Team Yellow with their vivid team jacket and swimming goggles has worked in a very dynamic way and was the first to finish the sculptures. Cheers!
Team Red approached the assignment with out-of-the box thinking and made a perfectly fitting baby bump next to their shoe sole headed face. Woohooo!
Team Green paid very special attention to detail and asked all the right questions regarding techniques. Hats off!
Team White consisting of very young energetic members who redesigned the concept of shoes and came up with well… a flying shoe with wings! Yaaay!
Team Pink was absolutely fabulous with their matching gloves and their sweet sweet team spirit. Yippii!
Team Blue made a very nice and detailed design and executed it in a lovely way! Whoopwhoop!

Team Red took the trophy home from this challenge. Nevertheless, you are all winners and champions for making the most of the workshop. Well done y’all! We surely have had a blast and hope you had a great time during the rest of the afternoon!

Team First Choice Events

Ijssculpturen in Rotterdam


Location: Rotterdam

Date: 7 december 2017

Activity: Workshop IJssculpturen (Ice sculpting rotterdam)

Client: KEEN Europe

Participants: 40

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