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16 mei 2017 

Mega kite building in Carlton Beach Hotel with the future managers of CB&I

Today’s group, the future managers of CB&I are the very reason we are in this business. Our fun, easy-going, curious and open-minded participants did a superb job and put a huge smile on our faces while watching them perform in our team building activity, mega kite building. Team work, communication and last but certainly not least having fun at constructing something together were in the center of today’s agenda.

We hope you have enjoyed the delicious barbecue prepared by Carlton Beach Hotel. We are still smiling thinking of your faces when the kite took off into the the sky! So much fun! We see why ‘Innovation’ and ‘Future Focus’ were key elements of your programme! Well done guys! Thanks for letting us be a part of your fun evening! :)

First Choice Events Team


Locatie: Carlton Beach Hotel, Scheveningen

Datum: 15 mei 2017

Programma:Megavlieger bouwen

Gezelschap: CB&I

Aantal personen: 40

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