Jasper Boekbinder
2 min

Sunny day with megakite building in Noordwijk

2 min

What an amazing, sunny day with megakite building in Noordwijk!

Today our team had the pleasure to facilitate a megavlieger workshop for a truly fun group in Noordwijk. During the workshop ‘Megakite building’ our participants showed great creativity and quick thinking. They worked efficiently while collaborating and communicating well with their teammates. For the design phase they took some insipration from the match of the European Championship playing in the background. Our team enjoyed this lovely, sunny evening with this easy-going, fun group. Their effort payed out: we saw a well-built megakite flying high…Well done!

After this great workshop it was time to sit down for a drink and enjoy this lovely weather in great company. Cheers to our fun group! 😉

bouwen van onderdeeltjes Megavlieger

Megavlieger onderdeeltjes 'designen'

Megavlieger onderdeeltjes mooi maken

Op het strand van Noordwijk de Megavlieger in elkaar zetten

Jasper laat het even zien hoe het moet

Selfie met de Megavlieger

Toekijken hoe de megavlieger in elkaar wordt gezet

De laatste details en verstevigingen voor de Megavlieger

Oplaten megavlieger op strand Noordwijk

Groepsfoto in Noordwijk na workshop Megavlieger


Locatie: Noordwijk

Datum: 22 juni 2016

Programma: Megavlieger bouwen

Klant: SPEV/ Noordwijk Events

Aantal personen: 60