Bamboo Building in Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk
18 januari 2017 
2 min. leestijd

Bamboo Building in Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk

On 11 January we gathered in the windy Noordwijk to give our clients an unforgettable teambuilding event: bamboo building and mega kite building!

In total, our 300 participants brought joy, enthusiasm and managed to build truly impressive constructions before the time was up for the activities.
Four teams had to tackle the bamboo challenge. The task was to build the most fascinating arch. Our participants demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking and an open mind, which resulted in amazing constructions. Each arch had something else to offer: one was artistic, whereas the others were extraordinary in their height, length or teamwork.
One team had a surprise quest. Team Green was brought an unexpected task: the one and only mega kite building! Our participants adjusted quickly to their unique task and worked as a true entity to build a strong and beautiful kite!

Big applause and appreciation goes out to all our energetic participants! It’s been a true pleasure! :)

Schedule for Bamboo building and megakite

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Division into groups
  • Explanation of bamboo building and megakite
  • Building the bamboo structures and megakite
  • Choosing the winners!
  • Ending

Bamboo Building on every location in the Netherlands

It’s an exciting challenge to build something this enormous with bamboo sticks. Are you interested? We can do this on every location in the Netherlands. It’s one of our specialties. Give us a call to see what we can do for you: 085-4011142!

The bamboo building challenge in Hotels van Oranje

Designing the centerpiece for the bamboo building challenge

Teambuilding in Hotels van Oranje

Overview of the competition in Noordwijk





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Location: Hotels van Oranje, Noordwijk

Date: 11 januari 2017

Activities: Bamboe Bouwen, Megavlieger Bouwen

Client: SPEV

Participants: 300

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