Beach Games with RETN in Bloemdaal
06 juli 2017 
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Beach Games with RETN in Bloemdaal

The colleagues of RETN enjoyed a sunny summer day on 5 July on the beach of Bloemendaal. At 4.30 pm the group came down to the beach to embrace the entertaining activities of Beach Games: Beach volleyball, Frisbee, Tug of War, Flingo, Footgolf and many more…! :)

Due to the heat some participants opted for cold drinks and the sun chairs of Bloomingdale Beach, while watching their colleagues have fun on the volleyball field. We appreciate the energy and team work we witnessed on the field. Big shout out to all of our participants! We hope you enjoyed the dinner provided by Bloomingdale Beach and hope to see you all soon! Cheers!

Team First Choice Events

beach games bloemendaal met oa Volleybal op het strand


Location: Bloemendaal, Bloomingdale Beach

Date: 5 July 2017

Activity: Beach Games

Company: RETN

Participants: 40

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